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Welcome to the Girls Hockey Club
Our Mission:  To provide support for all hockey associations by developing more opportunities for girls to play ice hockey.
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In May of 2015, we were asked by our local hockey association, Seattle Junior Hockey, if we wanted some ice time to use as an opportunity for the girls in the association to play some hockey together.  We jumped at the chance and had 12 girls join us.  Since that day we realized we could play a significant part in growing the sport for girls and we began making ourselves available as a resource of time and money for girls playing hockey and the associations that they played for.

In the spring of 2017, we brought over 80 girls to a tournament in Richmond, BC.  Our girls came from 11 different associations and three different states.  We brought home two championship banners and the girls all enjoyed an extremely positive experience playing the sport.  We believe that hockey is an incredible sport for girls to play and the hockey community regardless of association is second to none.

We are so proud of our girls and envision their future to be limitless both in the sport and as a result of playing the sport.

This year we have officially become a non profit c(3) organization and have made a pledge and goal to provide finances to pay for the ice costs needed to support girls hockey clubs in our region.  We anticipate growing the sport for girls and our long term vision is to become a national supporter of girls hockey programs and clubs.  We understand the need for girls to be able to play with girls but this usually comes at an extra cost.  If we can eliminate the extra cost then we can make huge progress in skill development and retention of girls in the sport.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of girls who want to play the sport of hockey.  Please consider donating to the club.

All donations given through our website will go directly to the following needs:
1.  Offset ice costs needed for girls hockey clubs in your specific region or association
2.  Pay for tournament fees of girls hockey teams
3.  Support girls in need unable to play hockey by helping paying for local associations fees
4.  Provide equipment to girls in need
5.  Help underwrite and support leasing/building “Girls First” hockey training centers in areas that can support the most girls in need.

Thank you,

Jim O’Brien, CFO
Girls Hockey Club