2017/2018 Annual Fundraiser – Girls Hockey Club

In 2016, the Girls Hockey Club organized four hockey clinics a month (in the Puget Sound and Columbia River Region), provided financial aid for 6 different girls to play hockey, sent 6 teams to three different tournaments, sponsored 3 different extended clinic days, provided jerseys and socks to tournament attendees, covered non-parent coaches hotel costs at tournaments, and took part in assisting with plans to provide full time girls teams and exhibition teams at local associations. All of our “members” paid as they went so we could cover ice costs. Every person involved with the club in an ongoing basis provided their time free of charge in an effort to help grow the sport of hockey for girls.

We understand that most girls that participate in the Girls Hockey Club are part of other coed hockey teams and have costs associated with participating on those teams. Our club comes at an extra expense to all of them. Hockey is an expensive sport but it is an incredible sport for girls to play. In an effort to reduce individual family costs and grow the sport to help more girls the board has decided to move to a “donation only” model during the 2017/2018 hockey season.

We want families, extended families, friends, and guardians to be able to donate to the club and help grow the sport for the girls and at the same time receive a tax deductible donation for giving. We, also, encourage businesses and employees working for companies that match and support non-profits to give and sponsor the Girls Hockey Club. Every dollar will go towards growing the sport for the girls.

The Girls Hockey Club would like to continue to provide all the same opportunities and events that we have in the past. We would like to support the growth of girl’s hockey in other associations in our region and pay for the costs for a tournament team at each age level at the Richmond Ice Classic in 2018. The Girls Hockey Club is committed to helping grow the sport for girls. Our Commitments for the 2017/2018 Girls Hockey Season:

1.  Offer two hockey clinics per month in the Puget Sound Region – $6,120 EST.
2.  Offer two hockey clinics per month in the Columbia River Region – $3,600 EST.
3. Offer two hockey clinics per month in the Idaho Region – $3,600 EST.
4.  New – Add an additional monthly skate South of Seattle to extend and help more girls with the sport in the Puget Sound Region – $2,100 EST.
5.  New – Sponsor and pay the tournament fee for 5 girls hockey teams at the Richmond Ice Classic composed of girls throughout the Pacific Northwest that want the experience of going to an all-girls hockey tournament [8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 19U] – $7,000 est.

We are asking for 100% participation in this campaign from all girls’ club participants, past and present, but a donation is not required.  Any amount of money you can give will be greatly appreciated. The goal is to reach $23K. A recommended amount to donate is $250. If you can donate more to help offset cost for families that can’t afford to donate please consider doing this. All donations are 100% tax deductible. The Girls Hockey Club is a 501c(3) organization.

Thank you for supporting the Girls Hockey Club. Please forward to businesses, friends, or family members that would be willing to support the club as well. All business sponsors will be featured in support of the Girls Hockey Club. If you are unable to donate please consider finding a business that can sponsor the club or a friend who can donate. This campaign will run for the rest of the month of August! Let’s reach our goal as early as we can.

Thank you,

Jim O’Brien CFO, Girls Hockey Club