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Kim McCullough:

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How To Stick Handle Like A Pro
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How To Create Space Off The Rush

About Kim: “I played my minor hockey for the Toronto-Leaside organization – starting in house league at the age of 13 and progressing quickly to the AA level the following season. I eventually went on to play at Dartmouth College in NCAA Division 1 (Ivy League), where I was the team captain and graduated with a degree in both molecular biology and moral philosophy (I’m a nerd). After returning to Canada, I played in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League for 6 years while completing my Master’s Degree from York University in Neuroscience & Kinesiology, where I studied motor control and learning in elite hockey players. In addition to working with players on the ice since I was 18, I became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Youth Training Specialist so that I could help players become better athletes off the ice, which makes them better players on the ice.  Over my 15 year playing career, I had the opportunity to play with Olympians, learn from the world’s best on-ice coaches, and work with elite strength and conditioning coaches. My first-hand knowledge of playing and training at the elite level definitely gives me a unique understanding of what it takes to get to and compete at that level.”
Kim, Total Female Hockey

Side Note: Please check out Kim’s site. There is SO MUCH INFO there. -Jim